China Manufacturer supply customized 3.6KG friction torque limiter FFV1 friction clutch for car torque limiter exporters

Condition: New
Guarantee: 1 Year
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Bodyweight (KG): 3.6 KG
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Warranty1 12 months
Applicable IndustriesManufacturing Plant, Machinery Restore Shops, 2571 Most recent Silicone Molding Device Liquid Silicone Rubber Mold Generating LSR Molding Device Farms, Retail, Construction works , Foods & Beverage Outlets, Other
Weight (KG)3.6KG
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limiter torque

CZPT(R) Tolerance Ring For Limiter Torque

Using a limiter torque ring to limit the torque of the motor is an excellent method to maintain the smoothness and efficiency of the engine. It can also help to eliminate wear and tear on the engine due to over-revving or under-revving of the engine.

CZPT(r) Tolerance Ring

CZPT(r) Tolerance Ring is designed to limit limiter torque by providing interference fit between an inner component and an outer component. The tolerance ring is installed between a stator or compressor housing and an inner component, for example, a shaft receivable in a bore in the housing. The tolerance ring is formed of a resilient material such as spring steel.
The tolerance ring may have an outer and an inner circumference. The outer circumference may be smaller than the inner circumference and may be less than 16 mm in diameter. The tolerance ring may be formed from a sheet material. The thickness of the sheet may be less than 0.2 mm.
The tolerance ring may also include a sidewall. The sidewall includes an undeformed portion. The sidewall may be curved to form an annular ring. The tolerance ring may include one or more rows of wave structures. The wave structures may vary in shape and size, and may be located peripherally or radially around the tolerance ring.
The number of wave structures may vary, from less than 10 to more than 35. The number of wave structures may be located at the peripheral, radial, and end regions of the tolerance ring. The wave structures may be identical in size and shape, or may have different physical characteristics. The amount of torque transmitted by the tolerance ring is dependent on the stiffness of the projections. The tolerance ring can act as a force limiter or torque transmitter.
The tolerance ring may be a single-layer ring, or a two-layer ring. The first layer may be a strip or sleeve of resilient material. The second layer may be a smooth, regular surface. The first layer may be radially extending projections, a set of axially spaced protuberances, or a plurality of rounded ridges rising to a radial peak.limiter torque


TL series torque converters are a good fit for a variety of applications. These products deliver a slew of benefits including a long service life and a reduced component count. They are available in several configurations including semi-open and enclosed models. They also feature air control to ensure smooth device function. The TL series is also available in multiple torque capacities ranging from a low of 1,500 lb. @ 80 psi to a high of 27,700 lb. @ 80 psi.
The TL series is equipped with several technological feats including a proximity sensor that sends a signal to a torque limiter control valve. This unit also features a single and double air pressure circuit to ensure smooth remote torque adjustment. It also features an o-ring to ensure zero air leakage.
The TL-A Series is available in sixteen models, including two with an impressive 27700 lb. @ 80 psi torque. It’s also worth noting that they can be installed in a variety of applications, including conveyors, sheet metal processing equipment, printing and converting machines and industrial robots. They are also easy to install and remove, making them a great choice for maintenance departments.
The TL-A Series also offers a number of high-end features such as a reversible shaft design and internal springs to ensure complete disengagement. They also include a hard-chrome detent interface that decreases drive-ring wear. The TL-A Series also features a single-flex coupling that delivers high shaft misalignment protection and a double-flex coupling that delivers high torsional rigidity.
TL Series torque converters are a good fit for applications that require torque in the sub-tens of thousands of pounds per square inch. They are also a good choice for industrial automation applications and can be installed in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace and automotive.limiter torque

IWIS FT series

FT IWIS’s FT-1000 Series aka FT IWIS’s FT t1000 series aka the FT t1000 series aka the TFT-1000 series aka the FT t1000 aka the FT t1000 FT t1000 series aka the FFT1000 series aka the FFT1000 FT t1000 aka the FFT1000 series aka FT t1000 FT t1000 FT t1000?. The FT t1000 series aka the, FT t1000 series aka the, FFT t1000 series aka the, FFT t1000 series aka FT t1000 series aka the, etc.. FT t1000 series aka the,, FFT t1000 series aka FFT t1000 series aka the FFT t1000 series aka the,.. FFT t1000 series aka the,, FT t1000 series aka FFT, FT t1000 series aka FT, FT t1000 series TA t1000 series aka the FFT, FT t1000 series, FT t1000 series aka, FFT t1000 series aka, FFT, FT t1000 series, etc.

TL-IT inline

TL-IT Inline Torque Limiter is a device that allows you to set the torque on your tools at a preset limit, and then allow the tool to run without allowing it to overtighten. This device is designed to work with low RPM power tools. It is available in four colors, and is made in the United States. It has been manufactured to NIST certification standards. It can be used to test power tools, and it is designed to control torquing through the use of a cam-over clutch action. This device also has an air-controlled positioning feature.
The TL-IT Inline Torque Limiter also has a laser marked color coded ID ring to prevent confusion if multiple tools are used. The device is also available in both metric and imperial sizes, and is certified to +/-4% accuracy in one direction.
China Manufacturer supply customized 3.6KG friction torque limiter FFV1 friction clutch for car     torque limiter exportersChina Manufacturer supply customized 3.6KG friction torque limiter FFV1 friction clutch for car     torque limiter exporters
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